Las Iguanas

Fairly recently a new branch of Las Iguanas popped up in York, and feeling that "treat yo self" mentality, we all headed out to gorge ourselves on tapas. 

It wouldn't be girls' night without cocktails, and Las Iguanas has got a pretty extensive range. With a two-for-one deal and a belief that there's no such thing as too much dairy, Julia and I settled for Jaguar Milk; their own magnifica cachaca, chocolate liqueur, milk and cream. It was good- a solid 8/10 would-dairy-again. 

We shared a couple of starters/tapas to get that ball rolling:


^Dadinhos (crispy smoked cheese)

^Pato Taquito (duck and caramelised onion in a chargrilled tortilla)

I was really impressed with the quality of the tapas; the dadinhos were salty, crunchy and went beautifully with the sweetness of the accompanying chilli jam. You get a pretty big ass nacho portion, and they don't skimp on the toppings, which is my usual problem with nachos. Ain't nobody got time for cheese-less dry nachos at the bottom of the bowl. Even our native Spaniard, Julia, admitted that whilst not in the least authentic, this was pretty tasty tapas. 

Nicole as always arrived fashionably late, and since she'd skipped starters, ordered three for her main. I always get major food envy around Nicole; girl knows how to order. 

^Spicy chicken quesadilla

^Calamares with aioli 

I don't know who invented aioli, but I would like to send them a letter of gratitude.

For mains, Izzy just went for sweet potato fries (not pictured, but you know what sweet potato fries look like, right? RIGHT?), whereas Julia and I fancied some burritos. I'll be honest, these were okay, but nothing too special. I'd recommend going the tried-and-tested Nicole route and just ordering the tapas, which is really good. 

^sweet potato burrito

^Shredded beef burrito

By this point dessert was not an option if we were physically going to be able to walk home, so we settled for coffee instead. I'm not sure what this one was called as I can't find it listed on the website, but any coffee that involves condensed milk and chocolate is fine by me. 

I'd definitely recommend checking out Las Iguanas if you're into Mexican/Latin Inspired food; we had a lovely evening and will definitely be back for more tapas. The service was also fantastic, some of the best I've come across in York, and it's worth mentioning that the restaurant also offers Vegan and Gluten Free menus, respectively. As more of my friends are leaning towards the "no-meat" lifestyle, I appreciate anywhere trying to cater to all customers.

Have you tried Las Iguanas?

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