Betty's Tea Rooms

If you eat out once whilst you're in York, make it Betty's.

After we said our tearful goodbyes to Felicity at the train station, Olivia and I were left to pick up the pieces. A quick decision was made; drown our sorrows in Pimm's and cake.

I'd normally have gone for tea, as it's Betty's speciality (specialiTEA), but since we'd just been traumatised at the York Dungeon, we definitely deserved something a little stronger.

Sadly the Dungeon doesn't permit photography, but I would recommend a visit to anyone.

The best chips you will ever eat...a bold statement, but trust me

Goats cheese open sandwich

Egg and Cress
 The desserts at Betty's are unbelievable; cakes so pretty you almost don't want to eat them, served with freshly whipped cream.

 So much so...we couldn't resist taking some home!

Just look at that smug grin.^

Have you been to Betty's? Get your ass over there immediately. You deserve it.

Emily Vyse

I'm an English and History of Art student splitting my time between York and Somerset. I hope you stick around! .

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